Nature Center

One of the more unique features of Animal Medical Center is the existence of the Nature Center housed within the building.  When Tricia was working as a school teacher, Dr. Hickman spent a great deal of time going into the area schools and introducing school children to various animals and educating them on the basics of caring for pets.   During this time, he became acquainted with Jim Dunlap, then director of the Living Materials Center in Plano.  Dr. Hickman was inspired by the work that Jim was doing and the animals that had benefited from such a place and wanted to emulate that to some degree in McKinney.  During the building design phase of the new clinic, space was dedicated for a nature center.  The non-profit Nature Center at Animal Medical Center has become home for many unwanted and un-adoptable exotic pets through the years.  Snakes, lizards, turtles, fish, birds, bunnies, chinchillas, rodents, monkeys and even an alligator or two have all called this center home—some temporarily, some permanently.